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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the extra Costs

During the yacht selection process we will let you know if a yacht is all inclusive or if food, drinks and fuel are extra. Its typical that motor yachts are plus fuel. Other extras are:

  • Dockage should you wish to use a dock during your week
  • Meals ashore if you go to restaurants
  • Shore excursions should you tour take you land based
  • Airport transfers
  • Crew gratuities
  • How much to Tip

    The crew work hard to ensure every aspect of your time aboard is taken care off. Crew gratuities are discretionary but as a guide 10% - 20%.

    What to Pack

    Yachts will supply towels and snorkel gear. So all you'll need is the appropriate clothing and a camera!

    What is yacht etiquette

    On board a yacht, crew will ask that:

  • You remove shoes before boarding
  • Remove sand from you feet before boarding
  • Not to smoke inside
  • Listen to yacht briefing upon boarding. For safety and orientation reasons
  • Can I choose the dates to sail

    Yes you can book a yacht for any dates you choose as long as its not already booked. A few days, a week or a month the choice is yours.

    Can I steer

    If you are keen to sail the crew will let you helm or teach you how to sail...

    What is the booking procedure

    Once a yacht has been selected in the location you choose, we will put a hold on those dates. A deposit is then required to book them. The money is then held in Escrow. The balance will be paid no less than one month before the date. The funds are only released to the yacht just before the charter for your protection.

    What will my itinerary be like

    You can discuss with the captain an itinerary or let the captain advise you on it as the crew will know the area. A sample itinerary is often made available.

    What will the food and drink be like

    Before your charter you will be required to fill out preference sheets. The chef will then tailor a meal plan to suit your groups likes and dislikes and order the appropriate beverages. The meals will be superb and you will not go hungry!

    Is this child friendly

    These are great vacations for the family. You will be able spend plenty of time together. The yachts have fast dinghies with water skis, wake boards and tubes to keep you and the kids entertained along with snorkeling, sailing, tours and other fun activities...

    Do I need a Passport

    Yes if you are leaving you home country for the charter you will need a passport.

    Do I need a trip insurance

    It is recommended if you are booking in hurricane season or if you have older or unhealthy people in your group

    When is the Caribbean Hurricane season

    August, September and October are the primary months to be aware off. Some yacht continue to charter as it is still a great time of year.

    I cant find my question

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    Where to go

    There are many great locations to choose from around the Caribbean, Mediterranean and the rest of the world. Let us help you decide where...

    What is yacht chartering

    If you are new to yacht chartering read our guide to give you an idea of what it is about and why its the greatest vacation possible

    Why use us

    Let us book your yachting based vacation with knowledge that we are experienced specialsits in arranging tailored yacht charters